English Programs:

Our English programs provided professional instructors and trainers for those whose English is not in the required level, and for this, our teachers for these courses are both English and Kurdish speakers, thatÔŅĹs to give you a hand for better comprehending and understanding. As for those who can handle English language more, we provided English native speakers, who can teach according to international academic standards..

The student will be tested prior to entering the course. Each level consists of 12 weeks; the student will be tested during the course and need to pass the final exam with a minimum 60 of the final exam to receive a certificate of passing the level.

In general, our English courses consist of six different levels, each level functions on a particular level of ability in speaking, and comprehending English Language:

1. BEGINNER: With this level, students will be able to use basic words and simple phrases dealing with oneself and family. Be able to understand simple questions, simplified communications, they will be able to ask simple questions to meet personal needs, such as asking for help, not understanding etc...

2.  ELEMENTARY: Elementary level transfers students to a new way of language learning.  They will be able to understand phrases at a faster speed and understand a larger vocabulary. This level deals with writing skills; student will be able to write simple passages to describe activities that they take part.

3. PRE-INTERMEDIATE: Students of Pre-intermediate are often deal with the advanced way of English language speaking, they are able to understand ideas clearly, and discuss different topics. They understand passages consisting of high-frequency everyday language usage. The capacity of understanding and speaking becomes so huge.

4. INTERMEDIATE:Students are able to debate and give their points of view in an understanding manner. They are able to understand passages consisting of technical material and explain the ideas so that someone. In this level, students learn how to enter a conversation that they do not agree with or have different points of view.

 UPPER-INTERMEDIATE: Students train to be able to enter advanced debates in different fields.  Students start to understand the advanced passages and news reports; they can deal with the language of literature and enter the creative writing tips.

6. ADVANCES:  Have no difficulties in understanding of any form of spoken language regardless if it is radio, cinema, or at a fast speed with an accent. They understand long complex passages consisting with different styles of writing and value.  Be able to read poetry and classical literature and understand the meaning.Students are able to write clear passages in complex sentences, and learn to become creative writer.

Dilman International Language Centre